From weather forecasting, to meal planners, sleep monitors and TV guides, they're all out there and spruiking to be the best thing since sliced bread. Although Iwonder, do all these new gadgets just make us even more time poor?

We complain that we don't have time to go to the gym or play with our kids, however secretly we're tending to our very own Smurf village on iPad. It's what I call tamagochi for smartphones.

To keep up in this competitive marketplace, it seems that every business needs to have an app that can offer a level of efficiency that can't otherwise be obtained by any other means (so we can fit in our real work with the Smurf village phenomenon). Let's face it, who wouldn't rather access information on their smartphone or 3G device as opposed to powering up a PC and waiting for 10 minutes before you can logon to the Internet?

At Fastway, we're committed to implementing new technology that helps our customers better interact with us - whether it's checking the tracking status of a parcel or getting a courier quote for their next delivery - our iFastway app will get you the information quicker than ever before (and it looks great too)!

If you're a regular Fastway customer, then the app is a must, especially for people on the run (or those who are just really busy with their Smurf village)!

The iFastway app provides Fastway customers with complete parcel tracking information, direct from their internet-enabled iPhone or iPad. It also features an inbuilt courier price and service calculator, allowing you to correctly and conveniently identify the appropriate prepaid label to use on a parcel.

Additionally, the app will record parcel browsing history, giving bulk customers the ability to quickly refer back to a previously tracked item, and will display a signature as proof of delivery as added peace of mind.

The iFastway app is compatible with all iOS devices, and can be downloaded for free via the iTunes store.

An Android-compatible version of the app can also be downloaded through the Android Market.







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