Parcel Connect is an initiative by Fastway Couriers which is designed to enable customers to collect and send parcels from a vast network of locations across Australia.  These locations include local retail outlets such as convenience stores, service stations and newsagents, which operate as Parcel Connect agents.  These operate outside the traditional 9am to 5pm, seven days a week, are easily accessible and allow customers to collect their parcels hassle free and at a time that is suitable for them.   

In addition to collecting parcels on a complimentary basis, customers also have the option to send parcels for a fee.  Richard Thame, CEO at Fastway Couriers Australia says Parcel Connect is the future of parcel delivery.      

"For our customers, having the ability to collect parcels quickly, conveniently, and at a time that suits them is very important – and, what’s more, it’s also free.  At Parcel Connect, customers can send and collect parcels through conveniently located Parcel Connect agents.  Parcel Connect enables customers to skip the long queues, while having the added benefit of ease of service, out of hours convenience and even being able to purchase other essential items while in store.”    

“Parcel Connect has grown since its soft launch in Australia less than two years ago.  Since then, its national footprint has grown rapidly and is now ontrack to reach 1,000 locations by mid-year.  With the continued rise of online retailing, there has been an inevitable increase in parcel volumes and deliveries in and out of residential areas over the past five years.  As customers are increasingly time poor, Parcel Connect is a solution that fits their busy lifestyles.    Realistically, many of us can’t always be at home to take delivery of our purchases, nor do we have the time to line up at a post office during office hours – Parcel Connect is the solution to this.”  

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The festive season is fast approaching and, with parcel volumes already steadily increasing, it’s our goal to ensure that you receive your parcels on time.  

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