Parcel Connect is a parcel delivery service that allows customers to send, collect or return parcels through an expanding network of local convenience outlets. Supported by Fastway Couriers, Parcel Connect has experienced rapid growth in agency locations, with plans to extend to over 1,000 outlets throughout Australia by the end of 2014.

Convenience stores deliver more with Parcel Connect

Store owners across Australia now have access to a new source of revenue, increased foot traffic and a wider range of services with the launch of Parcel Connect, a new pick-up and drop off parcel service.

A more convenient way to send, collect and return parcels

Andrew McKenna, General Manager of Parcel Connect, says the new service gives customers the flexibility to receive and send parcels at their local Parcel Connect agent.

"The growth in online shopping has led to an increase in parcel deliveries in and out of residential areas, and as you might expect, there has been a rise in the number of parcel returns. Added to this, customers are time poor and favour systems that are flexible to their busy schedules. It's no longer feasible for customers to be at home to take delivery of their purchases or to line up at a Post Office during office hours," says Andrew.

"The industry needs a more convenient way to send, collect and return parcels. Parcel Connect is the answer," adds Andrew.


Benefits for store owners and customers

Unlike competing solutions, Parcel Connect offers a convenience store or local business the functionality of a Post Office at no cost to the end user and with minimal impact to the store owner.

Andrew says Parcel Connect is engaging with local businesses across Australia, including petrol stations, newsagents, convenience stores and more, ahead of the upcoming launch of Parcel Connect's website.

"In order to become a Parcel Connect agent, stores simply need to trade outside of business hours seven days a week, have good access for customers and be clean and well kept. The space requirements are minimal and collecting a parcel is as simple as the store attendant examining an ID, scanning a barcode and handing over the parcel. It's a win for store owners and a win for customers. With Parcel Connect, we intend to revolutionise parcel deliveries in Australia through convenience retailing," says Andrew.


How Parcel Connect works

Andrew explains that there are two key components to the Parcel Connect product, the Parcel Connect delivery option and the Parcel Connect website.

"Rather than online shoppers rearranging times for missed deliveries, their parcel is automatically delivered to a local Parcel Connect agent so they can pick it up at a time that suits them. There are no Post Office queues and customers can purchase other essential items while they're there," says Andrew.

"Customers can also quickly and easily send a parcel anywhere in Australia or organise a return to an online seller via the Parcel Connect website, due to launch in the coming weeks. Customers simply affix a label to a parcel and drop it off at their local Parcel Connect agent. The friendly Fastway Courier Franchisee will take care of the rest."


What makes Parcel Connect unique?

"Parcel Connect doesn’t charge customers to pick-up their parcels. We don’t believe that customers should have to pay for this convenience and this is what makes our solution unique in the marketplace. Additionally, Fastway Couriers are true logistics experts, not just middlemen, contributing to an overall more affordable and simpler end to end service for consumers and online retailers alike," says Andrew.


Benefits of Parcel Connect for agents:

  • Increase in revenue
  • Increased store traffic
  • More services to existing customers
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • State of the art technology


Benefits of Parcel Connect for your customers

  • Easy and convenient pick-up and delivery service
  • Fast and cost-effective
  • No standing in queues at a post office or depot
  • Full track & trace on all parcels
  • Ease of access with extended trading hours

Become a Parcel Connect agent
If you are interested in becoming a Parcel Connect Agent, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


Video: Find out what Parcel Connect agents are saying about the service.





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